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It was a sight for sore eyes to see hundreds of people queuing to get in to Mu Chou Road Church for the 9 o’clock service on Easter Morning in Nanjing. This was the fifth of seven services held over the weekend attended by over 3,000 people.

A former Presbyterian church it was used as a printing press during the years of the Cultural Revolution. One of the books printed there was Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book. When the era of reforms began over 30 years ago, Mo Chou Road Church was the first to re-open for worship in Nanjing in 1981.

I preached at the two hour service which also featured a delightful junior choir, a magnificent Easter cantata with solo dance telling the Easter story through the eyes of Barabbas and concluded with communion shared with 780 people from the over 1,000 strong congregation in the main church and the adjacent overflow hall.

After the service we were drummed out of church by a traditional women’s drum group amidst much joy and celebration.

Although we were thousands of miles from home, this celebration of Easter reminded us of what we have in common as followers of the Resurrected Jesus. It was also a wonderful way for Rosemary and me to celebrate our Ruby wedding anniversary.