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The Church of Scotland’s World Mission Department works in partnership with churches and organisations all over the world. We have enjoyed being able to offer scholarships to students who have come to Edinburgh to study from far and wide, and in doing so, have enriched the lives of people in congregations and communities all over the city.

Unfortunately, due to a shortage of funding, scholarships were being threatened. However, much to our delight, we were able to enter into an agreement with the University of Edinburgh to offer a joint scholarship, known as the Desmond Tutu Scholarship, to students from Africa studying in New College.  This has meant that we are able to continue bringing students to Edinburgh University.


In addition to this we have been able to offer a scholarship to students from West Africa to study at New College. I am pleased that this year we have both Emmanuel Tettey and Jessie Fubara-Manuel studying with us in Edinburgh.  We are excited to have them here, as they build on their knowledge of theology as it relates to the world around us. We look forward to learning from them, and having them here is already a joy.

As it is Africa Week at the University of Edinburgh, we thought it would be good to celebrate the Desmond Tutu Scholarship by inviting students who have studied at New Collage with us to write blog posts about their experiences. We will be posting a blog a day.

Enjoy! And happy Africa Week!