In March, the World Mission Council coordinated a ‘Behind the Wall Study Tour to Israel and Palestine’. Led by the Very Rev Andrew McLellan with Maureen Jack, the tour offered opportunities for participants to meet Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, groups and individuals. The tour did not include visits to the holy sites but was designed to engage with grassroots projects and people, listening to their stories and seeking to understand the conflict. As part of their reflections on returning home some members of the group have written blog pieces that we will be sharing over the next few weeks.

Dawn breaks over the barbed wire of Bethlehem: the seeds are buried in the EAPPI in Hebron, children revisit their history in Litka, the cooking of Maqluba, in Aida refugee camp, keeping hold of house keys in the hope of returning home, building a chapel underground at the Tent of Nations, and Banksy’s love shattering the wall.

And why is a driftwood spirituality necessary, to give the children of the land a future hope.




by Ian Stirling.